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Reading Lips & Filthy Mouths: The Bandom Talks Dirty Meme

hey bandom!

can we talk about talking dirty in bed?
Good. Because I'm going to. in relation to fic of course.

So. I was just reading Treasure Island, by stephanometra    . It's about fisting. Not a kink of mine, per-say, BUT I'm totally an equal opportunity kink supporter. I'll read it all. It may not get my rocks off, but I'll read it and enjoy it as the (questionable) literature it is.

But what caught me in this story was that there was no actual fisting. just Spencer Smith's GODDAMN FILTHY MOUTH going on and on about it and i was blindsided by how motherfucking hot the thought of him talking dirty in brendon's ear while he torments him is.

In the fleshy realm, dirty talk is not so much my thing. seriously. It makes me giggle, because really, who says that shit in bed? But then I'm a member of the "If you can concentrate enough to string together a full sentence like that, one of us is obviously slacking in the workload distribution here" school of thought, so maybe it's just me.

In fic however? CHRIST ON A CRACKER. that shit is motherfucking steaming hot.<
I have limits, or whatever you want to call it, however.

I'm not a big fan of using the term whore or slut in dirty talk. Again, nothing against it, jsut not my thing, and i'll still read it, because generally? Fic using that has BDSM undertones and that, as i'm sure anyone who's keeping up with my nonsense here knows, is TOTALLY on my list of Hot-Ass kinks, in fic and in the flesh.

But seriously? things like this (from afore mentioned fic):

"We could do it, you know," Spencer continues, squeezing Brendon's dick when Brendon jerks in his arms. "Not here, not now, but—later. Hotel night, maybe."

Brendon shuts his eyes tight and sucks down Spencer's fingers a little deeper, moaning softly as Spencer just keeps
talking in that whisper-low, filthy tone.

"It wouldn't be that different, at first. Maybe you'd even think I was just opening you up for my dick. At first. I'd give you two, stroke inside you until you're begging for me to fuck you—because you always beg, don't you, Bren?—but then instead of giving you my cock, I'd push a third finger inside. Twist them around a little, let you feel it." He kisses the side of Brendon's neck, and Brendon can feel the blood rushing to the surface, can feel the heat that tells him there will be a mark there later. "Then I'd pull out, and you'd be almost crying for it, clenching down on nothing until I come back, slicker, harder than before, and you know you're going to be sticky with lube for days, but you don't care because I'm slipping my pinky inside you, too."

I am thisclose to needing to retire to my bunk form spencer's dirty fucking mouth myself. I don't even know anymore guys. I just. *hands*

so hot. I'm not even sure why, except maybe it's the tease of the talk? that anticipation, the thoughts and images that go with it, both for the reader and the character.

So i'm compiling a list of recs of bandom boys and bandom girls, for my del.icio.us, of Filthy Talk Galore. and i have an idea....

Consider this a Meme (which I never do, because i don't ever think people will do these things if i post them, though i'll reap the rewards from others with abandon) So I give you:

Reading Lips and Filthy Mouths:
The Bandom Talks Dirty Meme

So. what do I want from you guys?

Link us to your favorite fics or write us a ficlets involving bandom boys and girls who say the dirtiest things.
Any pairing goes, any rating goes. If you link us, the fic doesn't have to be about talking dirty in bed, but it must be in the story.

If you think you're late to the party, well, the party is always going on, so jump right in.

also, feel free to pimp this shit out. copy and paste the code in your journal.

ETA: Some of my favorite fics with a smattering of filthy words.

A Thousand Miles Away byiwrite_dotnet - Pete/Patrick NC-17

The Pros and Cons of Groups Sex With Your Bandmates by sunday_porch - Panic GSF NC-17. (the dirty talk is really strewn through out this one. again, spencer smith. *g* also in the two pieces that proceed this one, which are link in the header. warning for double and triple [technicaly] penetration?)

There's No 'I' In Ryan Ross by jzbell - strong Jon/Ryan, eventual GSF. Jon's mouth is just as dirty as spencer's, and he's more than a little fixated on convincing Ryan to let the others join.

Hurt Me by underwater_sky - Frank/Gerard. Frank likes to push people.
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